Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Spring Cleaning : Lipstick Organization

I've been in a very ''spring cleaning'' kind of mood recently and wanted to search for some new organization bits and bobs to make my room extra clean and fresh for the new season (that is taking its sweet time to come -_-). I've been seeing a lot of Youtubers buying clear plastic containers for their makeup and accessories but I never understood why they were so expensive. I personally would never pay 30-40$ for plastic and so I never had the desire to go out and purchase anything like that. But what do you know - this past weekend I was browsing through a Dollarama store (which is a store selling random items for 1$ or max 2$) and take a look at what I found for 2 bucks! 

It is a clear plastic lipstick holder and OMG I am so in love with this thing you have no idea. At first I thought it would look out of place since all my furniture is this caramel brown wood but nope. This thing looks awesome no matter where you put it - it just blends in and (in my opinion) adds a bit of modern luxury to your room. And what I also like about this method of organizing your lip products is that you can put them bottom up so that you can see what color they are (as opposed to having them just lying sideways in a drawer so you have to dig through them to find the shade you want). 

Oh and with this occasion I guess you guys can see my lipstick collection. Yep - that's all of it :-P Except it's missing 2 Clinique Chubby Sticks that are my go-to lip products so they never leave my purse. Wow - 7 lipsticks - I am one awesome beauty guru ey? Well let's just say I compensate for the lack of makeup with clothes = my kryptonie. So yeah I ended up joining the trend, and I am honestly looking to see if I can find more of these organizational plastic containers. But what do you think? Do they look chic or just plain cheap? 

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  1. I also have the purple lipstick! I love it! I am running this awesome Chanel spring make-up collection giveaway that is worth over $158. I think you'll love it!

    Come by soon!


    1. Yeah the color is awesome but I hate it that it stains your lips like crazy. :(
      That is why I don't wear it very often.

      And thank you for the invitation but I think I missed the giveaway.
      Ow well.. maybe next time :)