Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Perfect Booties for the Office

Work can be very long in high heels. Not only are you trying to ignore the inevitable pain that comes with wearing them for a long period of time, but you are also hoping not to trip as you pass by your boss's office. -_- Well hey you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort (and safety :-P) anymore. I honestly believe I have found the perfect booties to wear to the office (or to school). Since we still have some slush on the ground but the snow is slowly going away a girl needs to find a happy medium between high heels and winter boots. I found these gorgeous brown booties at my trusty Marie Claire (officially my favorite place to buy shoes) at 15$ instead of 119$. 
What drew me to these boots was the detailing on the side and the chunky heel. I like that small height they give me, I find that it improves ones posture. Or am I being weird? Now because of the thicker heel, these shoes gain a big boost in the comfort department so you don't have to worry about your feet getting destroyed. They are also very chic and subtle so they work well with any outfit. You can wear them with skinny pants tucked in or larger pants that go over the shoes and it will always look good : I've tried both. :) They are also very sturdy yet feminine so I am convinced I will get a lot of use of these boots. The inside is quite warm but not too much so wearing them in the summer on a rainy day is an option. Overall I am really loving these. And I actually bought the exact same pair in black not too long ago -_-'s so worth it. I mean where are you going to find such beautiful, comfortable, office and uni friendly booties? At an affordable price too? 
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  1. love!

  2. lovely post sweetie <3

  3. thet look great! and also seem comfortable with that chunky heel

    1. They are actually super comfy ^_^
      You can't go wrong with a chunky heel