Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spotted: Purple Nail Design

With the weather getting warmer here, I am slowly starting to take out my Spring nail polishes out. Today's favorite? A light purple pastel with these gorgeous white and black eggshell polish on top. I find it so bright and happy! 

The base coat is by Rimmel London and it is the Lasting Finish Pro polish (unfortunately I do not know the name of this color but they do not have a large variety of shades so if you see a purple one - that's it). The top coat is the Maybelline Color Show polish in Polka Dots ( Clearly Spotted). Now on the plus side, this combination will last you way over 10 days. I honestly guarantee you that no matter what you do this design will not chip on you at all. On the other hand, the Polka Dots are nearly impossible to remove. I swear I scrubbed like a madwoman in the attempt to get these spots off. Soaking it in polish remover does not work so I had to resort to scraping them off with scissors (which is a HUGE no no for your nails). :( If you guys have any suggestions on how to remove this polish with minimum damage to my nails please comment below because now I am afraid to use it again.  Other than that, I absolutely love how this turned out. I think it is a very bright and girly design that will get you in the mood for Spring. What do you think? 
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  1. lovely!

  2. That purple is so gorgeous!
    Ahhhh and I hate how hard it is to get the glitter or polka dot polish off......

    1. You have the same problem with the polka dots?
      It's such a pain ey? -_-

  3. Its such a lovely manicure...:-)

  4. I love your nails style with this look.!

    1. Thank you :D
      They are shorter than usual. :)