Monday, 31 March 2014

Liquid Gold - YVES ROCHER Oriental Shower Oil

Ok listen up - I one billion percent promise you, that if you try this thing you will NEVER - EVER go back to another shower cleanser. I am dead serious. O_O Let me start from the beginning....

Yves Rocher was having a pretty big sale last Saturday and of course yours truly had to go creep around to see what's up. Well I saw this gorgeous looking bottle (props to the design team by the way) and noticed the product was reduced like mad (from 20 something to 9$). I have to admit - it was the scent and the packaging that instantly won me over. This beauty smells like Argan-Moroccan oil - like honey - maple syrup and gold and like taking a luxurious oriental bath in a palace somewhere in Dubai. Yeah..exactly like that. I am not joking. 

So yeah as you can imagine - I brought it home and tried it out. To my absolute surprise, this thing - an oil - lathers up like a shower gel when you rub it in your skin. O_O It foams up! But it's a OIL! Oh and when you was it off - it leaves your skin baby soft but not oily. Am I making any sense here? So it feels like I'm washing myself with oil but this thing CLEANSES - HYDRATES and GLOWS without it being oily or sticky. I mean what is this witchcraft? :-P Seriously you guys, I am hooked. I will never go back to other shower gels - ever. You can also add a bit of this to your bath and it will smell divine and make bubbles. So the next time this is on sale - I am buying 3 bottles O_O *couch* addiction *cough*
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