Monday, 1 September 2014

EShakti: A Change of Heart

I hate online shopping. Or at least the concept of it. For some reason, I have a hard time understanding how I am supposed to pay something I did not touch - try on or see in real life...And then wait months before I can actually hold it in my hands. My skepticism gets even worse when it comes to clothes. Call me old-fashioned but I believe that you need to try on an article of clothing to make sure the fit is correct. And to me, nothing I would buy online would ever come close to my standards. 

So you can imagine I was a bit hesitant when I was approached by to give them a a go and review my experience with them. However, I would never refuse a new experience because I admit...I never bought clothes online so hey, maybe I am being a negative Nancy for no reason? So yes, I accepted to pick a piece of clothing from their website and see how the entire process goes. 

Now my first pick was this gorgeous Venetian Building Print Dress but unfortunately it was ''low in fabric stock.'' This did bum be out a bit but I can understand why, this dress is absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure is very popular. So I went on with my second pick: a white summer dress with some rose designs at the bottom. What is really interesting about eshakti is that they give you the power to style your dress! Yes you heard me, if you want it shorter, longer, with or without the design, with or without sleeves, etc. It is up to you. So this way, even if two people order the same thing, the final article of clothing will not fit or look the same. In a way, you get to be the designer

So after I entered all my measurements and dress modification instructions, I clicked ''order'' and began waiting.  Well I did not wait very long because I got the dress on August 29th (Friday) - 10 days after I chose the dress. I mean, this came all the way from India! I could not believe how fast it got here. So big props to the company in regards to shipping speed. 

And I need to mention that I was impressed with how carefully packaged the dress was, you can tell they take care of each product and they don't just dump it into a box. The dress itself you guys - simply gorgeous! It is beautifully sown and you can immediately tell that this dress was not ''mass produced'' - it was tailored to fit me

I cannot believe how flawless the fit is. No joke, I do not have any dress in my entire closet that fits me like a glove...This baby does. I mean, everything is perfect : the waist, the straps (that do not slide down or move around), the length (I got mine a bit longer), the boobie room (it did not squeeze me in any way, shape or form). I mean I could sleep or do an intense workout in this thing - that's how comfortable it is. But I'm not going to preach this any further, YOU BE THE JUDGE! Let me know what you think of the dress, and give a look. They are currently having mad sales AND a 25% off gift coupon if you're new.  So yes - I did have a change of heart regarding online shopping... :) In case you were wondering :-P 

(And it is also worth mentioning that all workers at eShakti are treated with the respect and kindness they deserve. I highly applaud the company for stepping up and not hiring cheap labor.  If you want to know more details on this regard, the About eShakti section on their website lays all the cards on the table.) 

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How You Can Achieve ANY Goal

Told you I will post a video a week. How on time am I right now? BAM! ^_^ Yes I am in a good mood for no particular reason. I'm not complaining.

So this week's video is all about setting a S.M.A.R.T. goal(s) and how this method will give you the outcome you desire A.K.A. accomplishing your goal of course. It's not long and I promise it will make a difference for your - not only for school related topics but for pretty much anything you set your mind to. Trust yourself - believe in yourself and YES YOU CAN do it. 

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Monday, 25 August 2014

If Ever You Need Help...

You know fall is officially here when you taste your first pumpkin spiced scone at Starbucks. I know - a bit too early if you ask me but I did enjoy it this morning nonetheless. So if I'm not mistaken, many of you already started school today - I'm a bit more lucky :-P I start on September second. This being said, I just wanted to let you know that school is just a stepping stone - it is NOT the only thing that matters. Your health, safety, happiness and psychological well-being are what should come first. School should be a place for you to learn, have fun with your friends and grow as a person. It is a time for mistakes, confusion, battles and triumphs. 

So don't go to class with a heavy heart - don't be nervous and most of all..don't listen to the mean kids. They have no power over you. KNOW WHO YOU ARE...The rest will follow. And don't let anyone else tell you what you can or cannot do. 

This being said, in case you ever need help with anything school related (or not) please do not hesitate to ask away. I promise I will keep up with my videos and post a new one each week. If you want to know how to write an exam, how to buy books on a budget, how to make friends or how to cope with stress or depression...Don't hide behind your mask - Come ask!

My channel is just a click away. And here are some videos I made that many people seem to find helpful - maybe you will too. Stay strong - be you. And know that I've got your back. 

How to Take Notes on Textbooks

How to Take Notes in Class

How to Study - 7 Easy Steps

SPEAK UP: How to Overcome Shyness
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Back to School: How to Start Strong

Am I the only one who sees back to school time as that scene in Jaws where the lady is in the water and the shark slowly creeps up on her? 

Ok I may be exaggerating, but I know the pain is real for a lot of us. It can be a bit hard to flip the switch between summer-fun to study-time, am I right? With this in mind, I came up with 5 easy-to-follow tips that will hopefully help you start strong this fall (and stay strong of course). So if you need a little push to get into that crunch-time mood - give this video a go. :) It's under 7 minutes!! xox Bonne nuit!!

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

CAUDALIE: Gentle Cleansing Milk

I admit it - I'm a noob when it comes to the brand Caudalie. For no particular reason, their products never seemed to interest me. But ever since my dear friend Ana spoiled me a few months ago with an out of the blue sample basket, I have been trying my fair share of Caudalie goodies - including this one. This Gentle Cleansing Milk is the first creamy-like make-up remover I've used. I usually gravitate towards more liquid products like oils and toners. I was very excited to give this a go! Who knows - maybe I may switch. :O

At first, I was a bit put off by the texture of the cream: it was light and smooth but I still felt like I was cleaning my face with day-cream. It was a weird feeling. The formula was not sticky nor oily; but after I used the product I instantly felt the need to rinse it off with some water. In the instructions it states that you can, indeed wash your face afterwards or just leave it on. I'll give you a minute to guess what method I am using. I mean it's not heavy or anything but I feel as if I just removed my make-up with a creamy foundation that is sitting on my face. Sorry for all the comparisons but I am just trying to find the correct terms that best describe the feeling. :-P

That tiny detail aside, the product is honestly unbelievable in terms of removing make-up! And I'm talking about waterproof mascara, jet-black eyeliner, concealer, bronzer - you name it. I am seriously in complete love with this product and I find it to be very gentle on your eyes. (I often poke myself in the eyeball with the cotton pad - so yes, a product that won't make my eyes red as a tomato is a win for me.) Overall, I am hooked. This thing has officially become one of my will-repurchase-forever skincare products. So far so good CAUDALIE... So far so good ^_^ 

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Monday, 18 August 2014

The Teenage Goth in Me is Still Alive

It's been a while since I've posted some modeling pictures on my blog. Mostly because I don't shoot as much as I used to due to work and school (soon :O too soon). However, it just so happens that a photographer and very dear friend of mine lives in the same region as I do - and whenever we have a few hours to ourselves on weekends - we embark on these photoshoot extravaganza sessions and always end up with amazing results. In my opinion anyway, you can be your own judge. 

So as per usual, Yves Musashi books the studio and gets all his toys ready, my boyfriend is getting his hands dirty and helps with the set-up, the lovely Sana prepares all her make-up and so...let's shoot. 

However, this time around something was different...Because Yves is honestly one of the sweetest human beings alive - he let me be creative director for the photoshoot!! That's right, he gave me green card on everything from the styling to the headpiece, make-up and the entire feel of the shoot. IT.WAS.EPIC. And so much fun. I was sending him tons of pictures, and practiced some intense head ornament placements in the mirror for weeks (my bf's parents made fun of me like there's no tomorrow :-P no mercy was given that day) and finally...The photoshoot happened. The team was amazing, and Yves added his own touch to the pictures ( I mean look at the's so out of this world!!!) which in turn made them even more awesome! 

Overall, I loved playing creative director for the day. It is a much harder job than you can imagine - but in the end you feel so proud I can't even describe it. And when you have such talented and open-minded people around you - the end result are guaranteed to rock. So thank you Yves, for letting the teenage goth in me come out and scare your followers a little bit. HA! I hope you'll let me do it again someday...soon actually I have many ideas. :-P And hey, they may be dark and crazy but they sure pop don't they? ^_^ I hope you like the pictures guys! Let me know which one is your favorite!! I love them all.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

SPEAK UP! How to Overcome Shyness

Even though I haven't been been very visibly active - trust me, my brain be burnin' with all the work I've been doing behind the scenes. We all know school is fast approaching, and I am honestly overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and all the requests I'm receiving form you guys in regards to my school related videos on YouTube. So I'm trying to film and edit a BUNCH - just for you! ^_^

The one I did this week is dedicated to one of my subscribers : Cellogirl1002 and it is about overcoming your shyness. So for all of you out there that are having some troubles speaking up and approaching people - this one is for you and I truly hope that I was able to help - even in a tiny tiny way. Let me know what you think!!! 

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