Monday, 10 November 2014

The Finals are Coming!

Because I know we're all in the same boat here, I've been putting all my time and energy into filming some helpful school-related videos for you lovely bunch. ^_^ I am just as stressed-out as you are, and boy oh boy am I ever excited for it all to be over. So that I can finally come back to my blog because I miss it so much and I have a TON of new products just waiting to be reviewed. With that being said, I shouldn't get too excited just yet...We still have that one final push to go before we can all relax and enjoy the holidays. 

But studying doesn't have to be hard, if you use the right methods that is. Give these videos a look when you have a minute - maybe they can help. Good luck guys! And don't give up! It's almost over. 

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Work Hard - Play Harder

Well a happy week off to all you luck folks out there. I on the other hand, have to keep on going like the energizer bunny. -_- However, I did take the time to take a breather and relax. Because hey, we all need some good old'fashioned recess in our day. Don't we? 

In case you're not subscribed to my YouTube channel, you're missing some good stuff I tell you. I've been really good and posted not one but two videos this week :O So enjoy your break, you deserve it! And go grab some noms and let's have some fun, shall we?

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

What I've Been Up To - In Pictures

It's Sunday woot woot! And since I imagine you may be as sick as I am of reading - with the midterms and all, I decided to make this post as short and sweet as I possibly could. In case you were wondering where I'd run off to, here is a mini picture diary of what's been keeping me busy over the past few weeks. I hope you like it! Have a wonderful weekend!

1. My cousin, Mihai, came to visit my family for two weeks before going back to Romania! 

2. My dog just doesn't want me to study I tell you. -_-

3. I've been binge-watching me some Breaking Bad. And yes..If you follow me on Twitter then you know - it's an obsession. 

4. I'm secretly working on a personal project that *finger crossed* will be finished by the end of November. 

5. No comment ....

6. Since Fall is my favorite season of all.. I am enjoying it to the max. ^_^ I hope you are too!
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Prada Candy L'Eau - Perfume Review

It does seem like an eternity to me since I've last posted something around here. But fear not, my midterms will soon be over and I can start breathing again, before the finals come around of course. Le me know if you can relate -_-

In today's post I wanted to introduce you to a new perfume idea: for that special someone, or for yourself (as a gift for going through those exams). For the record, I've been drooling over the original Prada Candy Perfume for about a year and a half now yet could never buy it because my boyfriend (although he likes the scent) is a bit allergic to it. Nothing deadly but his nose gets runny and he sneezes a lot so le sigh.. I had to forget about it. 

However, they recently came out with two similar scents of the Prada Candy perfume : a more floral one (my mom's favorite) and a lighter version of the original called Prada Candy L'Eau. Guess bf had no negative reaction to this one!! And I actually prefer it to the original. Now I did not end up buying it, my bf did as a present for me. Ladies, a piece of advice: If you want to buy perfume, make a man go get it for you. I don't know what he did or said, but the saleswoman went absolutely over the top and gave him over 8 samples and 4 samples of men perfumes. He gave me a huge box that apparently, the lady had trouble closing becuase it was so full. I posted a picture of that beautiful sight on my twitter page - just in case you want to have the same reaction I did, and it was O_O. 

So long story short, I am so in love with this fragrance. And it's a good thing I am because the samples and the two bottles will last me ow about 50 years I would say. The main notes of this perfume (according to my nose) are caramel, honey, sweat pea and a small touch of citrus. It is quite sweet but not at all nauseating or girly - I would say it is a very feminine and sophisticated sweet. It is not as strong as the original so you can't go wrong with spritzing ''more than usual'' - you will not knock out everyone around you. It is appropriate for day and evening wear and OMG do guys ever like this scent. I was complimented on it 12 times in the first week I started wearing it. I mean come on. What perfume actually does that? None - right. Except maybe Black XS which is my signature scent but hey, Prada darling - you are doing it right. Have you smelled this perfume? P.S. Isn't that tiny bottle just ADORABLE!!?? :O 

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

How to Survive Group Projects

You are not alone - we've all had that one group member that does absolutely nothing and yet still ends up with a better grade than you. -_- In the hopes of making your group project (and mine for that matter) run smoothly, I've put up a bunch of tips that you can implement next time you meet. The last point is up for debate guys, because honestly, I've tried everything. I hope you like the video you lovely bunch! Good luck!
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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

CAUDALIE: Your Face Needs Some Cs

Told you I'd be back. Honestly guys it feels so good to be back on my blog. I felt so horrible for neglecting it recently due to all the schoolwork. But you have been such a lovely and understanding bunch and I promise you..good things are coming. Consider it my way of saying thank you. :) 

Moving on to today's post, I've been playing up with my daytime and night-time skincare routines the past few months. I was not happy with my skin an I wanted to find the perfect combination of products that would give me the results I was searching for. Well guess what? I am finally 100% satisfied with all my products. And I believe that each and every one of them are working perfectly on their own, and as a cohesive whole. If you would like me to do a post showcasing all the products I am using, please let me know. It would be my pleasure. ^___^ But for now I want to focus on only one of those items, and it is this Caudalie Polyphenol-broad-spectrum,anti-wrinkle protection fluid (long name, but it works trust me). 
Once again, this is a product my mom got from Romania but of course you can find it anywhere they sell Caudalie products. Now I know I do not have wrinkles yet but this fluid contains SPF 20, no parabens (and other nasty ingredients), has a healthy dose of vitamin C (that my skin just eats up like crazy), smells like oranges and makes my skin look brighter and more alive after each use. I am so pleased with this product you have no idea. I usually apply two short strips of it on my fingers , rub it gently and apply it all over my face and neck (avoiding the eye areas). I haven't tried many products from this brand but this you ever pass by their counter and you look confused at the overwhelming amount of choices presented to you - go for this one, you will be happy you did. Just my opinion anyway, you be the judge! Have a lovely evening!! 
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Monday, 29 September 2014

FALLing in Love with H&M

So how are you keeping up with your reading so far? I am super relieved because I have officially caught up with all my classes and my two assignments are on their way. Few..I think we both deserve a break don't we? 

I haven't been shopping much lately, simply because I have a lot of fall and winter clothes ready to go (hey it's Canada, 97% of my closet is sweaters) and so I felt no need to go out and buy more. However, I did take a peek in many of my favorite shops this weekend and I mean come on, how could a girl stay away? Fall being MY season, that's right it's mine :-P I get extremely excited when I see numerous articles in more fallish colors like blood red, black, army green and just recently...pumpkin orange. I can honestly say that I own 0 orange anything (clothes, belts, shoes, accessories, etc.) because I'm not a fan of that color. Yet I found myself extremely drawn to this gorgeous long sweater-dress from H&M.. I don;t know, to me it just screams Halloween and pumpkins and autumn. I just love it so much! And I was surprised to see that I wear orange pretty well, what do you think? I will for sure put a more decent picture up on my Facebook page soon. So don't miss that because these 2 pics do not do the sweater justice I tell you. Now it is a bit low cut so I do slip on a black laced tank..Notice me holding on to the side - major photo no-no avoided. Few.

The second sweater-dress I tried on got me major laughs from my boyfriend. He told me that if I would lie down on the front lawn I would completely blend-in with the grass. And I can see where he's coming from, this fuzzy trend is not sticking with me so far. I've heard people say that such clothes are extremely comfy and soft but I found this article of clothing in particular to be quite itchy and ...hairy..If that makes any sense. Love the color though. This dark forest green knitted jumper is way too big for me and I feel like a muppet. What do you think of this trend? Yey or nay for fall?
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