Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Time Management: School Edition

With so many of you requesting a time management video, I've decided to make not one..but maybe 3-4 such videos! :O Say what? The first one is focused on school and only school, that is how to better organize and plan your time when it comes to assignments, homework, reading, studying, etc. So I will stop rambling on and on, and let you check it out. I hope you enjoy it! And good luck with everything! And remember, I've got your back. :)

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 - Breaking Bad

For those of you following me on Twitter, you already know I was anxiously waiting for a certain poster to arrive. Now I usually stick to Amazon for, well for everything I order. I have this old-granny mentality that tells me not to trust online stores for some strange reason. However, this time around Amazon did not have the item I wanted and the second option was super over-priced. So I said hey, let's try something else for a change (I was feeling adventurous that day). Instead, I went on a highly recommended Canadian website called and guess what? It had my dream poster AND it was under 10$ - I mean come on. Yes, I did create an account and ordered the lovely thing and then I played the waiting game. 

You see, I assumed that the package would arrive from somewhere in Ontario (don't ask me how I came to that conclusion, I don't know) and when I saw that the item was shipped on the day I ordered it (the 18th of August I believe) I was super excited. I thought it would come in max 3-4 days but boy was I wrong. On the site it said that the estimated time of delivery would be between August 20th and August 28th. And yes, it arrived August 28th. -_- Now you may think I am being impatient but I am comparing this to Amazon deliveries that usually take 1-2 days to get to my house. So in this regard, I was disappointed.

However, the poster came super-well packaged and sealed, it was PERFECT. It is perfect. And I absolutely love it. But you be the judge. 

This being said, I would re-purchase other posters on Allposters but this time, I'll keep in mind that the delivery speed might be a bit a la escargo if you know what I mean. :-P So... WHO LOVES BREAKING BAD??? I doo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, 15 September 2014

YVES ROCHER: Nutrition Body Lotion

Ever since my mom got us a huge tub of coconut oil, I haven't been trying out any body lotions because let's face it - coconut oil is just out of this world. However, when I saw this beauty at Yves Rocher and committed the grave error of smelling it...well then this happened. I now have the Nutrition - Nourishing Body Lotion for Dry Skin in my hands. OMG you guys - you don't know the definition of silky legs until you've tried this. I mean, this lotion is so soft and nourishing and it absorbs super fast...I just have no words. I've only been using it on my legs because I use the coconut oil on everything else (I'm trying to keep it as natural as I can these days) but woah..Does this thing ever work. It smells like almonds with a soft honey and warm feel to it. So I say, perfect for the upcoming cold months ey? And for those of you with sensitive and dry skin, don't panic, this product is very gentle and will not irritate your skin (from my observation anyway). Definitely give it a go if you're ever in the store. 

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Friday, 12 September 2014

APIVITA: Made in Greece

My parents' recent trip to Romania resulted in a lot of things, happiness, new energy and memories, and of course (for us girls) new beauty products from Europe. My mom truly spoiled me this time and got a hold of a few skin care items I've never even heard of before. Today, I would like to introduce one of them to you, and it's the APIVITA - Natural Serum. This little glass bottle is made in Greece and it is said to have a green tea infusion as a base instead of water (what most serums use) so that it boosts up the antioxidants already included in the product. If you want all the info on this beauty I actually did find it on the company's official website but to sum it up for you: this thing is DA BOMB! I mean it is so hydrating and natural (free of Parabens, Silicones and other nasty stuff) that my skin is super silky smooth every morning. It appears brighter, my complexion is even, I haven't had ANY acne breakouts since using this and I love my skin so much right now I'm not wearing any makeup at all. 
The application is quite simple, you put a few drops of the serum using the ...euh.. I don't know how to say it in English but the French word for it is pipette or comptes-gouttes...Anyway, you only need a tiny bit of this opaque serum and you massage it all over your skin and neck (avoid the eye area) before you go to sleep (or in the morning...but I do it at night) and there you go..You just wake up with bright, healthy, glowing from within skin. I am not even kidding you guys, I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of this thing..It has become a staple skin care product in my beauty regimen. If you can find this thing...give it a go! Seriously, you'll never go back to any serum ever again. 
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Thursday, 11 September 2014

SURPRISE! It's a quiz....

Atchou!!! Yeah, you read correctly - I'm sick :( And on top of that I am trying really hard to adjust to my new schedule of work and school without becoming a complete zombie. It's going to take me some time but I'll get used to it. That being said, I hope your semester is off to a good start. Here is another school-related video I thought might help you out a little bit - especially if you find yourself in my position : I'm going to have surprise quizzes in one of my classes. -_- Le no...I know. BUT don't panic! I've got your back! Check this video out - it's EXTREMELY short and to the point - just like your answers on the quiz should be. I truly hope you enjoy it - and let's get them As...ey?

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Homework May Stink - But You Shouldn't

I apologize for the tacky title, but my humor is a bit childish at the moment since homework and readings have already stolen all my intellectual capacity. I hope you're ready for this, today we're talking body odor. Please don't eat whiles reading this. :-P

So let's be honest : we all sweat at the end of the day, and we also might not smell like a fresh bouquet of roses when the clock strikes 3. There are a lot of choices when it comes to deodorants - meant to help with these 2 no-noes. They come in different textures and sizes, but in the end they all promise the same thing : Odor protection and Sweat Guard. Like you, I've also tried my fair share of products, but none of them impressed me like this one. 

My mom, knowing my obsession with Nuxe, got me this Nuxe Body Long Lasting Deodorant from Romania (along with other goodies - thank you mom!!!) and yes I was extremely excited to try it. Well...let me first say that it smells AH-MAZING, like all Nuxe products so there was no surprise there. And the scent is very soft and feminine so it does not over-power your perfume. Oh and yes, the scent lasts all day - no joke - this might sound disgusting but your armpits actually DO smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers when you get home from school or work. 
The product is a very smooth and transparent gel that you apply with a roller-ball. It does not stain your clothes (no white marks - yes!!!).  It is alcohol-free and paraben-free so it does not irritate your skin - it actually makes it softer. Oh and yes, you do sweat less...Much less. Overall, I am extremely happy with this product - and I am planning on buying it soon because I would like to have one at home and one in my school bag (it is quite small so I think it's perfect for on the go). I found this beauty at my local drugstore and they are sold 2 for 14$. It is totally worth it if you ask me.  
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Thursday, 4 September 2014

What is Your Learning Style?

Have you ever scratched your head wondering how your friend can take absolutely 0 notes in class yet retains more information than you? Do you prefer studying alone whiles your friends all get in groups yet you both get that same grade? Why is it that some studying methods work for you and not for others?

Well that may be because of a difference in learning styles. We are all unique, and that is no exception when it comes to how we register information or how we study. In my new video, I give you a short into to each style in the hopes that you will recognize your own. Because when you do know what your strong points are, you can only go up from there. :) 

So I really do hope you enjoy this video, and please do let me know what YOUR learning style is. I want to know which one is the most popular :)

1. :: Visual ::
2. :: Aural ::
3. :: Verbal ::
4. :: Physical ::
5. :: Logical ::
6. :: Social ::
7. :: Solitary ::
8. :: Combination ::

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